For a long time, our great nation was worked to create viable healthcare solutions to provide a quality solution to the impending crisis that centers around providing affordable insurance and health care to all citizens. In March of 2010, a comprehensive health care reform law was enacted that promised to provide better coverage options with a lower price tag. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed to deliver on many of its promises, leaving millions of Americans without coverage. Our organization, ACA Alternatives, works in concert with independent insurance agents and carriers across the nation to provide quality alternatives to Obamacare. If you and your family are in need of top-notch private medical insurance, our experienced agents can help! Today, we’ll take a look into what ACA is and why its shortcomings have led us to create the most helpful ACA alternatives in the industry. When it comes to finding suitable coverage at an affordable cost, we’re confident that you’ve come to the right place!

Positive Intentions

Through various reforms and regulation provisions, Former President Obama’s ACA put together a vast system that sought to provide more benefits to Americans in need. The goal of this law was to deliver on three fronts:

  • Make affordable health insurance more available to people in need. Premium tax credits are supposed to be provided to lower the cost for households who make enough income to surpass the poverty level but do not exceed 400 percent of that poverty line.
  • If you like your doctor or your insurance plan, you can keep them. This part gained much popularity, as the average citizen could vote for a program that helped those in need while not impacting that citizen’s personal healthcare plan.
  • Increased effort put into medical care delivery systems should help to lower the inflating costs of healthcare across the board. The number we were promised was $2,500 per year saved in costs.

Delivering Some Positives

One part of the ACA that did bring short-term benefits to citizens is the wider access to services. Students seeking a degree can stay on their parents’ coverage until 26, and Medicaid was expanded to cover up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line. Those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes can also benefit from Obamacare, as insurance companies often deny coverage for these citizens because they are too costly. As we have said before, the ACA healthcare solution does provide a comprehensive coverage that is available to every American. Unfortunately, this fancy coverage comes with a steep price tag. The large cost and massive deductible often hamper people’s ability to even utilize their medical coverage. Overall, the positives of Obamacare pale in comparison to the shortcomings created by such an inefficient program.

Poor Coverage Capabilities

The complexity of this reform created many problems across the country. One issue facing many Americans comes from the mandate that allowed citizens to keep their old coverage. Several major health insurance carriers have dropped out of the system, leaving many people out to dry with their insurance options.

Americans who missed the open enrollment period or cannot afford the premiums are simply left with little choice in how to obtain ACA alternatives. A mandate in the law makes it a requirement for every American to obtain health insurance. If you are unable to afford coverage, the consequence is a costly penalty come tax season. In 2016, 5 million Americans were assessed this penalty, totaling more than $3 billion dollars! Numerous citizens and groups have taken great offense to this requirement, labeling it as unfair.

The biggest concern for many of us comes in the form of rising premiums. A lack of competition amongst health insurance carriers has created an atmosphere of inflation and confusion. Much of the problem comes from a lack of transparency, where there is no upfront and clear explanation of costs and benefits for consumers. Our country’s open marketplace relies on competition and demand to drive costs for all goods and services, and now that this healthcare organization can operate without rival options, prices have gone up. The widespread coverage spreads the costs of all individuals, creating an imbalance in price for healthy consumers who simply do not require costly care. According to one statistic, the most ill 5 percent of our country accounts for nearly half of the medical spending in a calendar year. While sharing the burden of medical costs sounds like a profitable solution for all individuals, the reality is that many of us are paying too much for services we do not currently need.

Finding Alternative Healthcare Solutions

Here at ACA Alternatives, our professional agents are ready to provide a customized plan that will perfectly suit your unique needs. We have worked with a collective of professionals in the industry to create a viable alternative to Obamacare, including low or no-cost deductibles with nationwide coverage. Whether you require short-term medical or individual dental coverage, we can help. Through flexible benefit offers and simplified underwriting processes, we’re able to offer the ACA alternative that you may need!

The ACA has created a system in this country that leaves millions of Americans uncovered in the event of a medical emergency. Additionally, those who do not have insurance have to pay costly fines. Don’t live with this problem another day! ACA Alternatives provide the best healthcare solutions in the business to give our clients optimal coverage at an affordable rate. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us today with any questions you have!