When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, it was meant to be used as a means to ensure that more Americans are covered with comprehensive, affordable insurance. Unfortunately, Obamacare failed to live up to its promises, and many citizens have been left uninsured as a result. People nationwide are now in need of independent insurance that serves to cover them and their families in case of any medical emergencies. ACA Alternatives is your source for private medical insurance that is both attainable and affordable. By partnering with trusted agents and brokers, we are able to tailor coverage plans that perfectly suit your unique needs.

Today, we’ll look more into the need for alternative health care in Texas. As the third largest market for medical coverage, this state is in the midst of a struggle in appropriating insurance to its millions of citizens. When you’re ready, feel free to contact ACA Alternatives to receive a quote to keep you protected!

A Faulty System

The ACA was enacted to provide shoppers with numerous health insurance providers who are all competing within a common marketplace to keep coverage costs low. Texas, in particular, holds numerous counties that have no qualified plan available for purchase. While Obamacare was drafted to offer more affordable coverage for many citizens, the reality is that premium tax credits for Texans who need them may not be available, leaving the individuals to shoulder the full cost. If the government’s insurance marketplace is not in your area, you cannot utilize the benefits of these tax credits even if you need them the most. Projected increases in costs are raising annually, and without a replacement program in sight, many Texans will continue to suffer.

ACA Alternatives is here to work hard to find an affordable plan for you and your family. Our alternatives to Obamacare are crafted to be the best solution possible, capitalizing on customized solutions to deliver the most cost-effective product to our customers.

A Changing Landscape

The Affordable Care Act in Texas has caused long-term hardships for many citizens and companies. With President Trump in office, changes have been suggested to repeal Obamacare and work to find better a healthcare solution for our country. One of the first rules on the agenda to nix is the insurance mandate which requires all citizens to hold adequate insurance, lest they be fined. Regardless of how Congress handles the ACA, major changes that are put in place will take a long time to take effect. Even if Obamacare is scrapped, it can be up to a year before quality insurance options are available that are affordable for the average American.

Patience is a virtue, but medical insurance is a necessity. We understand that families are desperately in need of alternative health care options in Texas, and our agency is here and ready to help. ACA Alternatives was formed to offer personalized care plans that cut out unnecessary coverages to ensure that our clients find an affordable product that serves to help us all breathe easier. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch healthcare solutions!