America is in the midst of an insurance shakeup that affects millions of citizens on a daily basis. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) left many families uninsured, which on its own can create a wide range of issues and concerns. Finding independent insurance can be a stressful, expensive venture that may end up doing more damage than good. ACA Alternatives is here to be your source for quality alternative healthcare for Texas, Arizona, and the other states most affected by ACA’s shortcomings. Our experienced team of professionals is here to offer the best healthcare solutions for your family, creating a customized plan that meets your needs without all of the extras that can drive inflated costs. Being insured in the event of an emergency can work to create of the most beneficial outcomes for you and loved ones. Today, we’ll look at a few dangers associated with going uninsured in our high-cost society. When you’re ready to find a quality ACA alternative provider, be sure to contact us for more information!

Financial Troubles

To begin, our alternatives to Obamacare can be helpful in that you will avoid fines when it comes time to file taxes. The fees for 2016-17 are assessed on a monthly basis for every month that you are not fully covered under an approved insurance plan. Those who do not have insurance will be assessed a fee that is based on either the total household income or per person, with the higher cost always taking precedence. On a per person basis, your financial responsibility will max out at $2,085. The household income is capped at the value of the total annual cost of the average Bronze plan for that calendar year. Essentially, you as an American taxpayer cannot afford health insurance under this plan’s coverage specifics, and the IRS will fine you additional funds on top of the steep medical costs.

The financial risks associated with being uninsured are high when you consider the astounding medical costs associated with any sort of treatment. Getting in a car accident or being diagnosed with cancer can prove to be a major financial burden, often steering families towards bankruptcy. Purchasing private medical insurance with today’s costs is essential for helping to avoid financial ruin!

Health Concerns

Being uninsured typically equates to Americans avoiding medical treatment as much as possible. The costs associated with any level of treatment can be too much to be a feasible part of the budget, lessening the chances of proactively seeking optimal health care services. Those who do not have coverage suffer from having very limited access to preventative care as well, decreasing the odds of receiving medical attention early on to avoid more serious issues later in life. When chronic or preventable issues go untreated, the long-term costs and concerns can skyrocket.

Being uninsured in our modern society can be very hazardous. ACA Alternatives is your source for quality coverage that is comprehensive and affordable. Next time, we’ll look at a few more risks associated with lacking coverage that goes beyond the surface concerns. Our alternative healthcare options provide those who need coverage with financial stability and peace of mind. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable healthcare solutions!