This content is directed towards individuals and families who fall into one of three scenarios:

1) You were left uninsured due to the open enrollment period
2) ACA is simply not affordable because you’re not able to qualify for a subsidy towards your premium
3) ACA may simply be unsuitable to your beliefs

By majority vote in 2010, our government adopted  the ACA / ObamaCare as our nations choice for health care.

We did this based upon numerous promises:

1) If you like your doctors, you can keep them.

2) If you like your plan, you can keep it.

3) We will lower your costs by $2,500 per year.

Between then and now, we have experienced the results of ACA and unfortunately, ACA has not lived up to the promises, for many reasons, beginning with lack of transparency.

Logically evaluating the known options available:

First ACA

  • By restrictions built into the law, there is no other current comprehensive health insurance programs available (STM is limited to 90-day period).
  • The Issue: This option is UNAFFORDABLE to the many millions “not qualifying” for a subsidy and no transparency of providers cost to the consumer.
  • The Upside: A true Cadillac of a product, it is unquestionably the most comprehensive form of health care insurance. Unfortunately, it comes with a HUGE price tag as a Cadillac product would demand and a HUGE, unacceptable deductible (that may need a gap plan or indemnity plan to to help offset the out of pocket expenses).

SecondChristian health care sharing ministries

  • These are sharing ministries, not insurance, yet they are exempt and allowed to exist outside of ACA rules
  • The Issue: You must PROFESS your Christian FAITH and morality in WRITING and in most cases medically qualify. Financial solvency may also be a concern with these pooled options.
  • The Upside: It can be a costeffective healthcare option for for devout Christians.

ThirdIndemnity insurance plans

  • These were the predominate health care programs offered to the public (to and through the late 1980’s) prior to the HMO’s and comprehensive major medical plans w/PPO’s, which dominated the healthcare market in the late 80’s and 90’s, all the way to ObamaCare.
  • The Issue: Specified benefit plans cover only the benefits listed in the policy (hospital, surgical, cancer, heart attack, stroke, transplants, kidney benefits, and more) with specified dollar amounts.
  • The Upside: These plans can be inexpensive alternatives with the pricing benefits of one of the country’s largest PPO networks, giving prenegotiated pricing for all hospital and doctor services, regardless of being covered by the indemnity insurance

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